Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Little things that make me happy...

1. I worked from home today.
2. The cable company finally came out and figured out why my internet service has been so intermittent - I needed a new router & they gave me one.
3. I started and finished The Ivy Chronicles last night. Dark humor - two thumbs up.
4. Pam told me the easiest recipe ever & I made it & I just tasted it and OH-MY-GOODNESS-IT'S-GOOD: 1 pot roast rubbed with black pepper & garlic, 1 jar of pepperoncini peppers with juice, cut in chunks (stems removed), 4 beef bullion cubes + a smidge of water OR a can of low sodium beef broth. Crock pot - all day. WOW. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship... am going to serve with mashed potatoes & a salad. Am feeling very domestic.
5. Jen & I leave for Ruban Rouge on Friday & am so excited to teach there!!!!!
6. Meg made me get a facebook account & I'm really liking it - much better than myspace. Lots of good scrapbooking groups!
7. Have a new obsession with Simply Limeade.
8. Found itty bitty cake mixes at the grocery store. They are so new, I could not find an image of them online. They are 150 calorie cakes about a third of the size of the regular warm delights and come in Molten Caramel Chocolate & Chocolate Raspberry Decadence.
9. Read the update on the Bunny Theater Library & found out she was animating Kill Bill for release later this year.
10. Realized it was less than a month before season three of The Office comes out on video, and a little over a month before season four begins!!!


Blogger Jennifer said...

Loved The Ivy Chronicles. And Simply Limeade rocks. I must hear more about this pot roast and itty bity cakes thing....

5:58 PM  

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