Saturday, August 04, 2007

Going & going & going... much has been happening. I'll catch up. Last week I spent a lot of days feeling kind of blah & sure enough...I just needed to write it down to start feeling better.

Thursday we stayed late (I was up there til 9:40 PM & Jen & Julie were still going) and packed all the orders from CHA. My back hurt for the first time, but I got over it fairly quickly and was 100% the next day. It was awesome to pack up a couple of hundred boxes and see them towering over you at the end of the day.

Friday I went over to my aunt & uncles to start prepping for Amy's going into the army party (yes, she leaves Thursday & yes, I'm crying a lot). We grocery shopped and headed up to the church & cooked all day...breakfast casseroles, hundreds of pigs in a blanket, biscuits, dump cakes (5), fruit salad (so much fruit), etc. I got home around 9PM & decided to make Amy a book for her guests to sign in that had envelopes incorporated into it for cards and notes she received...I got a little carried away, but it was so special I didn't finish up until 2 AM.

This morning Matt & I set out for the church around 9 & helped until the party started at 11. The turn out was fantastic...she got so many cards - there's no way they'll fit...I'm going to have to make a matching box. It was so lovely to visit with so may family friends and see how genuinely proud they are of Amy & her choice. After basic she'll be going through some intensive language training to be a translator.

After the party Matt set out for his uncle's in Bonham and I headed home to fall asleep! Thank heavens...I slept like a rock from 3 to 7:30 and woke up feeling fabulous! So....I went to Michaels for a 11x14 frame (I just got this Warhol print for my office - pictured right). And since Matt is out of town I went for my usual no-husband treat - Chicken Pad Thai with extra tofu & a vanilla chai iced tea from Pei Wei. Since I'm feeling so energetic I've decided to catch up on blogging, do some decoupage & throw myself a little Kill Bill marathon.


Anonymous Jane Hasty said...

Wow-you are on busy gal Em! Hang in there! Miss you, Jane

10:19 AM  

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