Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wiped out..

This is totally boring, but I'm completely wiped out. No energy, kind of icky feeling, allergies gone wild - I just feel blah. It's not the best way to blog so excuse the lack of pictures & banter and hopefully I'll be back up to my regular blogging par in a day or 2.

Meanwhile be sure to shop etsy and go over to the Luxe blog - we're still having our grand opening giveaway sale for the new Luxe online store, there's a prize up for grabs with a game of Luxe trivia (go ahead and guess - you might win!) and all my remaining blogging energy is pouring out over there as we launch our new format this week!


Anonymous Amy said...

HI aunt emily it is amy just wanted to tel you i have a new blog hope you can check it out and maybe soon can me and haley come over to spend the day or noght with you? anyways it is

10:44 PM  
Anonymous mireille said...

hope you feel better soon! Don't you just HATE allergies

10:39 AM  

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