Thursday, April 19, 2007

CKU Detroit...Day One

So, I'm here in Detroit...My camera batteries died before dinner & the tailgate (figures) - but I'm reloaded & ready for tomorrow! I'll be getting a ton of pics from Debby & Stacey when it's all over. There's now a picture floating around of me kissing Tim Holtz ON THE CHEEK...can you blame me? Sometimes (all the time) I like to tease him about his hype (although he totally deserves it).

The make & takes were like, THE BEST EVER & we jammed to tunes all day. Thank God for Laura & Angie2 {a.k.a. "Two-ie"} I couldn't have gotten through the day without them!

We had dinner with Debby again & met Stacey, Marji & the Luxe team for drinks afterwards. I've been reading Shopaholic & Baby on this trip and am rushing through blogging so I can read some more before I crash...

In case you're wondering - the apron...I have taught or have had my classes taught at every CKU since Anaheim 2002, so over the years I've gotten a lot of pins. I arranged them on my teaching apron & made each one of them a flower center to add some pizazz to a normally all black wardrobe. Guess what...I didn't wear crocs ALL DAY. (and no, I wasn't barefoot...I got new shoes & I can actually handle them all day!)


Blogger Margie H said...

EMILY!! WISH so much I was there with you all!!! But have to take care of DH...has been ill for two weeks. LOVE that apron...great picture! Have fun! Keep us up-to-date on all happenings! Hugs, MargieH in Chicago

6:33 PM  

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