Monday, March 05, 2007

Three weekends in one...

Wow, a weekend without getting on the computer or working...what was that? I'm always doing something work related. Not this weekend.

We had our nieces Amy & Haley spend the night on Friday for some good old fashioned uncle & aunt spoiling. We ate Chinese food, curled up under blankets and watched a movie. Saturday morning Matt made us all breakfast and took the girls garage sale-ing while I lazed around the house. They came home with lunch {& another lawnmower, oh joy}. Then we all went to pick up my new glasses {Whoopee!} Back home so Matt could play lawnmower man & we headed off to Half Price Books. Then back home, couched out reading time & then their mom picked them up.
Within an hour I was off to pick up Meg who was going to was going to be odd-man-out since her dad was sick & her mom and sister had a choir dinner to go to. We cooked and just joked, hung out and watched you tube videos {I guess I was on the computer some}. I got Lovefool stuck in her head, which was pretty fun. Unfortunately, it backfired & now it's stuck in my head too. I made us one-eyed Egyptians for breakfast & we headed off to church. Lunch with Aunt Carol & the girls then back to their house to visit. Amy took her language aptitude tests for the army and scored a 120, which means she's a class 4 and an learn even the hard stuff, i.e. she has the capability to learn the languages without alphabets - she's really excited {I just kind of stare at her in awe. I used to play peek-a-boo with her and now she's going to be international's mind boggling}.
So I get home & Matt's in his one-week-left-til-vacation/I-don't feel-like-I've-accomplished-anything-this-weekend funk, even though while I was at church & lunch he "seeded" the front yard with something and treated the weeds and went to Lowe's 3 times and the local nursery twice. We went grocery shopping together and worked on sorting all the junk that's accumulated in our "guest bedroom" {it has been in no state for guests for some time}. Um, he cooked, I cut his hair...sewed buttons on his shirts, we did laundry & dishes, watched Desperate short I feel like I just had three separate weekends in one!


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