Sunday, October 22, 2006


Ouch. I can't believe when all this went down one of my first thoughts {after going to the ER} was a pic for the blog. I did this while Matt was starting the car...

We were about to fall asleep last night {12/12:30 am} and Matt said his eye itched. I noticed my eye itched. He went to put drops in and I rubbed my eye and noticed something didn't feel right. We had only been in bed about 5 minutes and my eye was fine when we laid down. When he got back from putting his drops in I turned my light on and asked...does my eye look OK to you? He recoiled and said...daaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmnnn.

That woke us up. I made the mistake of looking at it in a mirror & then I started freaking out. I had the presence of mind to take 2 benadryl & we headed over to the ER at 1 am. We waited a lot. The benadryl was kicking my butt & I was falling asleep all over the place. Matt was just plain exhausted. At 3 am we saw a doctor and he told me I was right to take the benadryl. I was having allergic conjunctivitis {this has happened twice before, but it scares the heebie jeebies out of me each time} - basically, something got into my eye that I was allergic to. Perhaps eye makeup remover? We'll never know. The other times I got bug spray and then hair spray in them accidentally. Believe it or not it actually got biggger than that - it went up over my eyebrow and the eye almost swelled shut. The whites of my eye started swelling out too and turning into red jelly. Ugh. Sorry for being so totally disgusting. I was sent home to take even more Benadryl {oh joy} and got some eye drops. Thanks to the 4 benadryl I ended up taking, I just woke up. It's gone down considerably, but is still swollen on my lower lid. I FILM in 2 days...they say they hope it will be fine by then. They HOPE it will be fine by I hope so too. Sheeesh.


Blogger Ashley said...

Oh no! Don't panic! We'll get through it and you'll look great :)


1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it time to whip out your Blues Brothers style sunglasses?

Anon Ymous

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! I hope u look all better now!! Good luck at your taping. Debbie in MO

3:29 PM  

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