Sunday, June 08, 2008

"Sense"-ational Sundays...2 for 1 special

I did - I skipped a week. It felt downright wrong. I got phone calls - "Are you OK? What's going on?" Honestly...I just didn't do it. At the time I felt like I had sooo much to blog I didn't have time to type it all out and now, well now I'm even more behind, so I'm blogging anyway.

For the week I missed - I went to A-Kon with Meg & was going to do an entire A-Kon themed Sense-ational Sunday so here goes...

About 11,000 people...most of them in costume. They were trying to break a record for most people in one place dressed as video game characters. I have no idea if they made it...but it sure felt like it. I haven't been to a Kon since...well, I was 20 and I was in full costume myself.


People everywhere. Selling comics & memorabilia, panel discussions on everything from fighting tactics to drawing manga. Laughter. Rolling dice on folding tables. I took this pic of dice from one of the gaming kiosks.

I TASTE:Ramune
Find it. Get it. Drink it. I had no idea...this refreshing soda is as cool as it is tasty. It's a feat of modern engineering. Each bottle is somehow sealed with a marble and comes with a tool to pop the marble down into the bottle. The bottle has a neck that leaves the marble suspended in the middle so you don't accidentally swallow it (always a good thing). It rattles around, full of tasty's just FUN.

I hugged a storm trooper. And Darth Vader. And a Super Mario. And a Ghostbuster. I touched a lot of wigs & even tried some on. Miniature hats, comic books, swords & cash. Also train tickets - we rode the DART to get there and it was SO much fun to see people on the train in full costume!


Food court. Nothing like standing in line for lunch at the Plaza of the Americas with a Grim Reaper, a medieval knight, a man on a leash and about 20 characters I couldn't even guess who they were.

That was a lot of fun. I took about 100 pictures that I will *eventually* get into a flickr album. Anyway...on to this week's update:

Two movies! This never happens, but Matt was on vacation & we kicked back and spent some time together.

Family voices. A lot more of Matt this week for sure. Let's see, we had lunch with my parents one day, dinner with my aunt & uncle another. I had Meg a night & a day - since school is out she's working at Luxe over the summer & is staying with us and going in to the office with me. Our niece Kala (pictured)graduated from Richardson High School on Friday afternoon and we ended up having an impromptu graduation party at our house with Rusty & Dee, Kala and 2 of her friends, Aunt Mary & Olivia, Tracy, Amy & Haley. Lots of family time.

Party nibbles. Since it was off the cuff, Tracy & I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and picked up spinach dip & parmesan crisps, salsa & tortilla chips, baby carrots & ranch dip, sugar cookies & sodas. Rusty & Dee brought a stack Little Caesar's pizzas and festive balloons *poof* instant party!

My camera. And my computer keyboard. I've been working a lot lately on the redesign of the Luxe website which should go live before CHA Summer. I can't share anything big yet, but I did decide on showing a sneak peek of one little thing. I've been photographing all of our products to make the click-able buttons to sort to our products out by collection. It's been a lot of photography, but it's been really rewarding. I've built 32 of these so far.

Fresh fruits and vegetables. HALLEUJAH! We have patiently waited and have finally secured a permanent berth in my aunt & uncle's neighborhood produce co-op. We are slotted for a half order a week, averaging $7. This week our $7 got us: spinach, 2 caesar salads in a bag, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, plums, pears, grapefruit & strawberries. It has us so excited about cooking fresh! My aunt & uncle have been this coop for years and we've always taken sub orders when someone's gone out of town...we're still pinching ourselves that someone dropped out and we got a space. Woohoo!

So...hope that makes up for the lack of blogging :)
Thanks for reading & check back soon!


Blogger Angie said...

Didn't you love Prince Caspian??? I have been sooo busy too- but I'm off now- except for Monday mornings in June. Call me soon!

10:20 PM  
Blogger ania said...

What is this sense-thing youre doing? :) Sounds like fun on the convention - Ive never been to a real one but I bet it's fun :) & the veggie thing sounds fabulous! :D

8:04 AM  

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