Saturday, May 24, 2008

Party girl???

Ouch. My head is still throbbing a bit. I woke up at 9 to my also hungover husband making deformed, lumpy pigs in a blanket & coffee. (He's so funny - he'll stuff 2-3 sausages in a single "blanket" if he thinks the dough is too big instead of splitting the dough in half. They're hilarious looking.) I ate some & promptly went back to bed & woke up at 12:30ish...what was I thinking?

Yesterday started out like any other day - I worked all morning. Then I took a half day and I ended up going on a major cleaning jag - laundry, straightening (even my studio), etc...seriously, 5 hours of cleaning. I took a little nap & overslept the party I was going to, but showed up 2 hours late and hung out with the girls (lots and lots of girls - I was hanging with Tracy & her other friends who are moms and they were having a sleepover the same night for the kids - 3 13 yr old girls, 3 10 yr old girls & 2 smaller ones...hormone drama! wow) I think my fav moment was then one of the 13 yr olds was telling us a story about - something - and then she said "So I said - why you all up in my kool aid? You don't even know what flavor it is!" We died laughing...and kept saying it to each other for the rest of the night. I love girl talk. I had a couple of glasses of red while I was there (which I never usually drink because it gives me such a headache) and I didn't leave until 1:30.

Meanwhile at the house of Adams, our Uncle Donnie showed up to spend the night (long story). Donnie got there about the same time as Matt got home from work and Donnie pretty much gave him a beer the minute he got hours passed in the same manner - now you understand Matt's condition this morning. So I get home at 1:30 AM. My front door's open. My husband is asleep in our bed & Uncle Donnie is nowhere to be found. So back out into the night I go...every once in a while I can hear him laughing, so I know he's out there somewhere. I found him on my neighbor's front porch (who I hadn't met yet), drinking beers (surprise) and joking around. So...I sat on the porch with them, got to know my neighbor and hung out until about 2:45 and got to join the guy talk. When we walked back to the house Donnie was still in a talkative mood still so we talked until 3:30. Matt woke up at 3:42 and got up and walked around so I didn't go to sleep until about 4.

I can't remember the last time I did that. I'm probably too old to keep doing that on a regular basis - but I sure had a good time. :)


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