Monday, April 23, 2007

Recapping CKU Detroit...

Well, I'm home and am totally wiped out, but happy. What a great time...a super duper thank you to all the students at CKU Detroit for their enthusiasm & kindness.

I had "battery issues" so I didn't take a lot of pictures, but my friends were quick to email them out so here they are...

Well, at the risk of repeating myself here are who everyone is I'll start with the top pic and work my way down...First off is at the Tailgate party standing with Debby, Stacey & Teresa.

Next is a pic {on the left} with Laura & Angie2 who came out to help me all weekend and on the right is another with Debby.

For the next {on the left}, well you haven't lived until you've seen Tracy White lip sync Motown songs - and yes, that's Becky in the pink feathers. Debby & I were lucky enough to spot Tracy alone in the lobby on Saturday & we dragged her up to watch us eat dinner. We were a pretty slap happy group by the time it was over. We tried to take a regular picture and a serious picture, but we caught a glimpse of Debby's serious face and lost it.

I got to see Robin from Ranger, which always makes me happy. While Debby was waiting for my class to be done to drive me out to the Scrapbook Zone, she sat in on one of Tim's classes next door & they got this pic.
Now, Tim is my friend. I think he's a super guy, but sometimes I have to tease him about what a scrapping heartthrob he has turned into. (Like when I passed out "future Mrs. Holtz buttons" to 20 women at an event in his classes to see if he noticed.) This time he caught me posing for a picture kissing a picture of his head on a stick. You know you've made it big when they put your head on a I thought I'd email it to him later as a little joke, but he was right behind me & quickly popped in the picture with "us". I loved the way the pic turned out! I ended up giving him a quick kiss for being such a good sport.
Well, CKU's...back to work. Thanks again to all of you! Pop on & say hi if you were there!!!


Blogger Sue said...

Tim Holtz on a stick.
That is too funny.
Glad you made it home safely!
I was dyig to meet Tracy, but by the time I saw her at CKU I was wiped out. Bummer.

3:44 PM  
Blogger your girl chelsea morning said...

Em-I've got a great pic of you rockin out with your pom-pom at the tailgate. It's good stuff, lol.

oooh, I need Tim on a stick-too fun!

Detroit was good times--looking forward to Anaheim!

10:14 AM  

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