Sunday, April 09, 2006

What a weekend...

This weekend was totally unexpected...Matt's uncle called & invited him up to Bonham for the weekend..they just hang out & do guy stuff. So all of a sudden I was on my own...

I called my cousins to see what they were doing & ended up tagging along to their other side cousin's concert. She is a soprano in the very impressive SMU Concert Choir. (Pictured above: Amy (my cousin, 16), me, Meg (cousin, 14), Sara (their cousin, 20), Matt (their cousin, 15). I spent the night so we could hang out on Saturday - we stayed up & talked and they introduced me to chocolate covered caramel popcorn (from Boy Scouts) - wow.

Saturday morning we all had breakfast & I took the girls to a noon showing of Take the Lead - which was a cute little movie and a great Antonio Banderas eye candy festival.

A big bonus about staying at my Aunt & Uncle's house is that my Aunt Carol is a fabulous cook. Saturday night she taught me how to fry chicken (which I'm going to try tonight) & gave me a recipe for broccoli rice casserole. Amy's boyfriend Zach brought over Memoirs of a Geisha & we all watched. I liked it so much I borrowed their copy of the book.

Early this morning Matt came home & we picked up our nieces (Pictured below: Amy (age 11), Haley (age 8)) to take them to Sonic for breakfast then strawberry picking. Gnismer farms was a blast! We plan to go can request to be on their email list & they'll tell you when their new fruits & vegetables are in season for picking - they do lots more than just strawberries! (
I'm going to make one of the recipes I got from there today:
Strawberry Black Bottom Pie
1/4 c milk chocolate chips, Graham Cracker Crust, 12 oz cream cheese, 1/2 c vanilla frosting, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 15 - 20 strawberries
- melt chocolate chips and drizzle over pie crust
- blend cream cheese, icing & vanilla; sperad over crust
- top with sliced berries
- chill, slice & serve


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