Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Survived another weekend....

After a week of constant blogging, it was weird not to write anything this weekend, but it was busy, busy at my house, so no soup for you.

Matt's dad was in town & they played go-karts all weekend. James was up here to pick up a new one he bought from Matt's cousin up by Lake Texoma. Then Matt's been having real problems with one of his newer riding lawnmowers "the green hornet" (I named it that because it's so pretty, however, I soon realized he was spending so much time with it, it turned into "the mean, green divorce machine"). Something about a fly wheel...the magnet broke off down in it and...well, if I don't want to know, you probably don't want to know either. Anyway, they finally got it fixed & it's the green hornet again! It's so loud & powerful when it starts, it shakes the couch in our living room. :) wow....

I covered books all weekend. I did 10 (4 comp books & 6 spirals). I even made some for myself! (that's rare) I scanned in two that I'm sending off today. I also went to the fabric store and found some incredible materials!!!


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