Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Is this normal?

Last night, exhausted, we called our regular joint for Chinese food. It went like this...

"Hi. I'd like to place an order for delivery"
"You order here before?"
"Yes. It's 3..."
then before I could get out another syllable...
"oh - Herro, xxxxx-xxx (a miserable attempt at my street name, but at least they can find the house). How you? You paint new room in house yet? You clean? I know you need clean. Ok-Ok- two house beef, no bamboo, little spicy, large side sweet & sour- you have friend?" (translation: is Martha there and if so shall I add Hunan Shrimp to your order?)
"You want dumpling?"
"Yes, you want dumpling. Fried?"
"yes, please. thank you."

I ask you - is this normal??????????

So Matt went to the door..."Where wife? Wife OK? I see wife." and in she comes. She found me in my studio on the computer (trying to figure out how to get a picture on my profile - still). Glad I wasn't in the bathroom.

I don't know, at times I'm a little embarrassed about how much we must actually order from there to have fostered this level of intimacy with our delivery person...but who cares. And they don't use MSG so I can order virtually anything!

Top menu picks from HoHo China:
1. House beef - no bamboo, mild (mild is so hot it makes us cry)
2. Sesame Shrimp - they make it just for me :)
3. Sweet & Sour Chicken, vegetables on the side - Matt's
4. Sesame Chicken
5. Chicken or shrimp Fried Rice

and always, always a side order of dumplings...


Blogger kateolynch said...

i see you change the look of your blog again. . .i like this one! looks good! and don't worry I don't know how to post a picture in the about me section. . .

11:24 PM  

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