Friday, January 13, 2006

One of my favorites...

I wanted to post a layout that I really liked...lately I have been making & giving away so many things it seems like I have much time to scrap my own pictures.

This is my cousin Meg, now 14, notice the resemblance? She's fabulously punk and loves Hot Topic. I have two cousins, Amy (16) & Meg - both sweet, little punks. If you ever read this - hellooooo there.

OK - the house is clean enough for a father-in-law invasion (not a mother-in-law visit, but that's OK 'cause she's not coming this time). Weekend goals: I have a few composition books to make and several microscope slides - but first (and this is a big but) I have to clean off at least one surface in my home studio before I can start anything. Also having an informal birthday party for Matt's dad while he's in town on Sunday. Having Matt's brother & sister and their families over - it's as simple as fried chicken, diet Dr.Pepper, queso, guacomole & chips - that man is easy to please. :)


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