Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The ManHandled Moment...

I have to give credit where credit is due & I am really proud of my husband & his new little venture. A month ago my husband started his own Etsy shop, ManHandled. He is struggling through quitting smoking and was looking for something to keep him busy and distracted. He also wanted a hobby that would keep him indoors out of our brutal Texas summers. Matt used to make the most beautiful and elaborate model cars - custom parts, airbrush work, I had seen the creative come out in him before. He's also been a major part of the Christmas craft assembly line in our house for years. Let me tell you, the stuff he has been cranking out is awesome. I have done a little dabbling at his request, but mainly this has been his show. He's made 5 sales in 4 weeks and is pleased as punch with how it is going. He is also very happy that 29 people "love him" (it's kind of hilarious & cute).

He's mainly been doing spirals (he's commandeered my Bind-It-All) and fabric covered journals (see The Adventures of Punk Sally, upper left), and a few sewing kits (see Brunette Vixen, lower left). We made about 60 fabric journals Christmas before last and now I think we could both do them blindfolded. Well, he just bought a button maker and it's been so much fun over here. My cousin Meg has made so many she's launched MegHandled within the ManHandled store. We put up her first set last night (I Love Japan). She will have more awesome sets coming - she's really into recycled art & hand drawn pieces. And as she says in her description "I'm cute and extremely talented beyond my years and need money since I am still in high school and have no car and no job. " (LOL)

So, if you haven't looked, go check it out. Bookmark it & keep checking back because we're adding to it all the time. Thanks for peeking!


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