Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Out on the town...

Went to the Grand Luxe again last night for a fun double birthday party for Kate & Ashley. We got to hear all about the 5th Annual "Dallas becomes Chicago" pub crawl the single girls went on last weekend & about the wedding Kandice went to {check their blogs for full details and great pictures}. Whenever we get together it's so much fun, each time we swear we won't wait til the next round of birthdays...I hope not. Party of six: Kate, Jen, Kandice, Pam, Ashley & {me} Emily.

Girls, remember I have the name "dibs" on couch & kitchen table, so no copying...


Blogger Kandice said...

Thanks for posting the pic Em! I had a great time too! See you soon!

4:46 PM  

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