Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Life with an unusually sick husband...

Matt's sick...again??? He got really sick on Christmas day, improved some - gave it to me, I got over it - but it's lingered on for him this entire time. Except it's gotten worse. So much worse. His cough is horrible, and it's excruciating for him to swallow, he has a dull headache & the chills. He missed work today, went to the doctor {voluntarily} and then stayed home. If you know Matt, you know this doesn't happen...he hasn't missed a day of work in a few years. Matt was so sick he didn't remember the exact diagnosis, but he filled the perscriptions. He's been doped up on hydrocodone cough syrup, antibiotics, advil & chloraseptic all day. When he's been awake he's been craving chicken noodle soup, pudding & hot chocolate. It looks like he might be staying home tomorrow, too. Since he's been home he hasn't ventured out of bed all day. Poor baby.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor guy!! Feel better, Matt! Sending good health {{{vibes}}} your way!!!!!!!!! MargieH

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would tell you to give matt get well hugs from us, but YOU don't need to be sick. So wave to him from across the room and let him know we are thinking of him :)

btw...very cool on the product line, i expect a care package :)


2:58 PM  

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