Monday, September 03, 2007

What I did with my weekend...

Well, Matt's been gone on his annual family hunting trip {don't worry, the birds are pretty safe} and once again I've managed to fill what I anticipated would be a low-key weekend.

Friday after work I had dinner out & I saw Oceans Thirteen with my aunt, uncle & Meg. Meg is our new "packaging specialist" at Luxe and she started work this Saturday kitting Arty Parties for the next round of shipments. While she was packing I started designing for CHA. I'm so happy to be back doing artwork again. We never meant to work so long, but we barely grabbed dinner by 9 {Pei Wei} and went home to eat take out & watch Kill Bill {again}.

Sunday was church in the morning, lunch {Pei Wei} & over to my stepsister Nancy's in the afternoon for a get together on that side of the family followed by a late night run through Half Price Books {which was having their annual 20% off sale} looking for antique children's books {my weakness}. While giving the store a thorough once-over I did find a first edition {1983} paperback copy of The Life and Loves of a She-Devil by Fay Weldon which I have been trying to track down {I know, I know,, but I wanted to FIND it} since 1989 when it became, like, one of my favorite {stupid} movies of all time. I bought it for $0.80! SCORE!

Today I woke up in time to be at Target when they opened to buy Season 3 of The Office on DVD. Which, if you were wondering, comes out tomorrow. {details, details} There's a great clip on The Office website about what everyone in the office did over the summer. Also, Creed's been blogging all summer and they've launched a Dunder-Mifflin website.

Back to reality - I took my friend Angie out to lunch for her {belated} birthday then came home and actually scrapbooked {while watching Kill Bill 2}...I wonder if I should have Pei Wei for dinner??? OK - in case you're wondering why I'm such a freak - no, I usually don't have Pei Wei every day, nor do I eat out every day - but it's kind of a Labor Day tradition since Matt isn't a big fan of Pei Wei and/or Pho, I usually eat them all weekend while he's gone.

I'll be working hard Tuesday & Wednesday then taking two {well-deserved} days off to enjoy hanging with my hubby while he finishes his vacation.


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